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Meeting at the Rock Pool Tuncurry and leaving at 8am we proceeded South via the Pacific Hwy to McDonald's at Raymond Terrace, where we met up with four others, making a total of 14 in seven cars, We then proceeded to Paterson some 24 Kilometres West. Arriving some 30 mins later we visited the Museum, A collection of Trains and lighter rail motors most of which were at least 60 years or older, our guide explained there where approx. 100 members, some spending a lot of time at the Museum and others only occasionally, the members do not all live local to the museum. We were guided through the Station Master's residence that was erected in 1911, both the cottage and surrounds are well kept. It was intermated that the State Government, although assisting with financial support, could do more and that finance is supported by varying methods relying on members. By the eighties Rail Motors had been gradually replaced. The last of these vehicles to be manufactured was the 600 class in 1949. Rail motors like the few remaining other train forms are still running for "special events" such as booked trips to various inland destinations.