New laws covering the use of seatbelts and child safety restraints have been introduced in NSW from 1/7/2010

Basically, all vehicles manufactured with seatbelt anchorage points must have approved seat belts fitted to those points and they must be used by the occupants of the vehicle when it is on public roads.

If the vehicle pre-dates seatbelt introduction, then seatbelts do not have to be fitted. Vehicles in this category may have seatbelts fitted by an RMS approved installer. This work on the vehicle may need the certification of an RMS approved VSCCS Engineer to ensure compliance.

If you wish to carry a child under 6 months of age in ANY vehicle, that child must be restrained in an approved, rear-facing child safety capsule, located in the rear seat and anchored by a lap/sash seatbelt in compliance with the capsule manufacturer’s instructions.

From 6 months to 7 years of age children must be in an approved child safety capsule, seat or booster, which can face forward or rearwards. They must be restrained in an approved lap/sash seatbelt or child harness fitted to a lap-type seatbelt. All children under 7 years old must be in the rear seat unless all
positions in that rear seat are already taken by other children who are under 7 years old. Then, they may be located in the front passenger seat, again in an approved child seat and lap/sash seatbelt.

Children from 7 to 16 years old have other requirements regarding their use of seatbelts as well. This is covered in the legislation.
We are advised that the fitment of seatbelts does not prevent the vehicle being registered on HVS by an RMS recognized Club.

The CMC strongly recommends that, if you are intending to carry children in your older vehicle you should take a good look at the RMS website.

This will ensure that you understand the new rules. The above details are presented to you as a guide only.

You are responsible for compliance with the RMS rules as set out in the legislation.

All of this means that if you choose to NOT fit seatbelts to your older vehicle for reasons of authenticity or impracticality, then you CANNOT carry very young children in that vehicle. Technically that would include parades and the like, no matter how slow you travel, as they are usually held on public roads.

The fine is substantial and a loss of demerit points for the driver. 



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